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Buy a Bulk of Consulting hours

Need a designer on call?

Are you capable of figuring out how to solve minor design dilemmas on your own but still need the option to reach out to a design professional to get the final ok? Need the Remix design team to help you along the process or maybe suggest an even better recommendation to what you may already have?

Our designer on call option is the perfect service for you. Purchase a bulk of design hours and our team will help guide you along the way. Whether its a question about choosing the perfect paint pallet for a room, sourcing that perfect area rug, or facilitating the process of design collaboration based on our industry knowledge our bulk of consult hours can be used in various ways.

To book this service there are 4 hours minimum required at initial booking a $600 value. Time worked is then billed against purchased hours retained. If additional hours are needed the client will be billed according.

The client is given a detailed service report that outlines time worked against project to coincide with payments due.