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DIY- Commercial

This service is perfect for the client that needs a point in the right direction without the cost and timeline commitment associated with our Full design service package. Great for someone willing to do the leg work on their own in terms of placing orders and final installations.

If you are ready for a DIY challenge and ready to get things done on your own with the creative direction from an interior designer this is the service for you. We lay out the design plan and you shop for the product but clicking the click-able sent over on your own pace on your own time.

Please Note:

Merchandise selected will be suggested through retail vendors so the client is able to shop vendors directly without the account or assistance from of the interior designer. If the client is requesting for items to be sourced through the design showroom or any of our private vendors white glove delivery fees applies for all deliverables.

1 Revision request allowed per concept. Additional revisions will require additional billable hourly fee of $150 per hour.

How it works:

  • Discovery Call scheduled with Remix + Client to provide information on DIY Service and capture basic client information.

  • Design Questionnaire sent over via client portal to capture specific details on design plan and clients vision.

  • Invoice Sent to collect payment in Full to move forward with on boarding process.

  • Call Scheduled with Lead Designer to discuss data collection from questionnaire and get any questions answered the designer may have in terms of the questionnaire and space size measurements.

  • Design Concept presented in a 2D Mood Board with Click-able links for the client to shop product- (Sent over 14 business days after invoice payment)

  • Client approves Design Concept (1 revision request allowed). What is a revision request? iIf you are requesting a new rug or sofa this request is allowed but not an entire concept. Additional revisions or concept boards will be billed at an hourly rate of $150 per hour.

  • Client then on their own time shops the click-able links sent with their concept to order product suggested by designer for their project.

  • If the client requires a Black lines white paper floor plan they have the option to purchase for an additional $150 service fee.

       Service Disclaimer: If items suggested are sold out or no longer available when the client is ready to purchase it is not the designers responsibility to source a replacement item. If a replacement item is required at the designers discretion the client will be billed at a billable hourly rate to source new product to replace the out of stock item.