Commercial Design site Survey under 1000 sq. ft.

$234.44 USD

Priced based within a 50 miles of 4500 Worth St Philadelphia, PA 19124

Our Full Design Service package is great for the business owner who can't find the time, doesn't have the patience or the creative eye needed to successfully design and manage the process of creating a dope interior space. For all our full service projects, we service any room (or set of rooms) for your commercial project no matter the size.

To begin our Full Design Process our design team requires a 1 hour on site survey review. During this time, our lead designer and any additional participants visits the space to conduct a detailed in-person review which consist of surveying the space in person.

During this time we capture measurements, photos and discussing the details of the completed design questionnaire to consider likes/ dislikes and preferences for the interior project. After the on site review, our design team will then submit to the client via client portal a detailed design proposal outlining Design fee investment /White Glove Delivery with Storage estimate and contracting fees if contracting is required and done by our recommended contracting vendor.

We also provide the minimum materials and decor budget required to bring the space to its design potential based on the clients request and designer recommendation . At Remix we hold no punches and think it's best to let our client's know the minimum expectation in the project work scope before committing to a contract and having the client retain our services.

In a perfect world we would say that the numbers are 100% accurate but the world isn't perfect and interior design isn't either therefore we ask our clients to always account for an escrow budget for the unexpected. Unexpected in delivery and storage fees, because things were added on to the project not originally accounted for, unexpected in furniture and accessory items sourced because the designer and client agreed there needed to be more added to the design plan and the unexpected in latent defects that may occur in the contracting phase.

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